Javascript Usage in D-Battle

D-Battle employs Javascript to provide a richer, more interactive experience. Sometimes, Javascript can do harmful things to your browser and computer if used by a malicious source. For that reason, many people resort to using a javascript-blocking extension, such as NoScript. This allows you to only allow scripts from parties and websites that you trust.

Javascript Sources

  • - These are all necessary for the site to function correctly. Without them, there is no guarantee the site will work correctly. This is required.
  • - D-Battle uses the JQuery library, hosted on Google's servers for caching and reliability. This is required.
  • - D-Battle collects anonymous usage data to find out how many users are visiting the site and when, in order to better suit the needs of its users. This is optional.
  • - As far as I can tell, this is used for either Analytics or the Google Plus button on the main page. This is probably optional.

NOTE: The site is very ugly right now, we know. We're working on functionality first. :P
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