Going Dark For A Few Days
Posted by Tensuke at 2:42pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Hey everyone, I've been fairly absent for the past month or so, sorry about that. In my absence, however, I've been working on quite a lot of exciting things for D-Battle. The first round of updates regards user account security and initial account setup; for this reason I have disabled account registration for the time being until the big juicy stuff is done. This should only last a couple of days, and you should be able to register again no more than a week from today, hopefully sooner. Existing accounts can still log in, however, please bear with me while everything is updated. You may have less than ideal service during these next few days.

To get technical, D-Battle will be entering Version 0.2, up from 0.1 . First and foremost there will be updated account security, the whole backend of the site will change to get ready for future updates. You will be able to verify your email, subscribe to a D-Battle mailing list about new updates and information, and so much more!

That's cool and all, but what about you? What do you get out of the update? Well, D-Battle will still be a long way from completion. But I will introduce some new stuff that should be fun! New additions include:
  • Medals! (aka achievements)
  • Factions! (choose between Light Fang and Night Crow)
  • Exploration!
  • Quests!
  • Tamer Ranks!
  • Crests and Tags!
  • Private Messages!
  • Digi Eggs!
  • And more!

I have to point out, however, that these features are all a part of Version 0.2. They will not all be added as soon as D-Battle hits 0.2, but rather, the foundation will be there and they will slowly be fleshed out more as 0.2 is rolled out. So in a few days when registration is allowed again, don't expect all these features to be added and complete! But the goal is to have them somewhat completed before 0.3 hits. As always, you can check the changelog to see how things are progressing. So once registration opens again, come on by and try all the new stuff! :D

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